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Event toilets for hire

Karzees offer a wide range of options for provision of toilet facilities at your event.

Single cubicle event units usually provide the cheapest option for toilets for your event.


Our fleet of single cubicle event toilets are all new or in new condition and are not used for hire on construction sites. They are all fitted with hand sanitizer and supplied with toilet rolls.


Battery lights can also be supplied if your event is being held in the evening.

Single cubicle units

Our 6 man urinal units offer an alternative to single cubicle units at events where you are expecting a high level of male attendees.


Urinal units are particularly suitable for events such as bike shows, beer festivals, sports events and concerts. The units are fitted with hand gel.

Urinal units

For a great price on your event toilets, call the experts on:

0800 432 0048

Disabled units

We offer disabled units for your event. These have flat level access for wheelchairs or people with restricted mobility. There is ample wheelchair turning space inside the unit with space for an additional adult where appropriate.

Some disabled units are also fitted with baby changing facilities.

Who hires event toilets from us?

Hirers include fundraisers, schools, churches, sports clubs, local councils; in fact anyone who is organising an event where portable toilets are needed!  

How many toilets will i need?

We are always happy to advise you on the number of units you may need to hire for your event.

Which are the best units for my event?

The units you hire really depend on the type of event you are planning, duration, location and numbers attending.


You can hire anything from one unit to 100 units, or any combination of units from those listed here.


For weekend events, we also offer an interim cleaning service.

Just give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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